Military Bases in South Carolina

Looking for housing near South Carolina military bases? South Carolina has 10 military bases. For real estate listings near bases, visit the installation page to browse homes for sale, houses for rent, condos or military friendly apartments.

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South Carolina Military Housing

South Carolina became the eighth state to ratify the U.S. constitution in 1788. Its early economy was largely agricultural, benefitting from the area's fertile soil, and plantation. Farmers relied on the slave trade for cheap labor to maximize their profits. Today, South Carolina coast line near Myrtle Beach has developed into one of the premiere resort destinations on the East Coast, and has over 100 golf courses.

Military bases in South Carolina includes Army bases, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy.

On-base housing is available on many bases but there is always a long waiting list so if you are moving to South Carolina, its advisable to get in touch with the housing office in advance and get yourself listed in the waiting list. If you are looking for off-base housing, housing office is there to assist you in your house hunting. They may also help you by providing black listed apartment complexes and agents which will save your time.

For temporary lodging, there are many pet-friendly hotels near bases.

You may expect heavy rains in summer and spring months resulting humidity and mosquitos.

South Carolina BAH Rates 2017

South Carolina has 6 military housing areas. Visit the links below to find basic allowance for housing rates in your area.