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Looking for housing near New Jersey military bases? New Jersey has 7 military bases. For real estate listings near bases, visit the installation page to browse homes for sale, houses for rent, condos or military friendly apartments.

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New Jersey Military Housing

Among the first 13 colonies, New Jersey was an important battleground during the American Revolution. Situated in the center of the bustling Atlantic hallway and nestled between New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey has the greatest population density of any U.S. state. Its lovely and long coastline has made New Jersey a favorite holiday destination, with over 50 beachfront resort towns including Cape May, Atlantic City and Asbury Park.

Those people who have lived on a military base in New Jersey before boast about its astonishingly delightful beaches and boardwalks, as well as its closeness to PA, both Philadelphia and New York. The higher priced home will be should you decide to stay in North Jersey, be mindful the closer you are to the large cities. In South Jersey, on the flip side, houses close to the beach and tourist areas are extremely expensive. Fortunately there's a lot of base housing, and likewise some inland and smaller cities which are affordable. As with any move, you need to go to with the place you're considering. Select base housing when in doubt.

Schools in New Jersey are nicely rated. Many parents are fulfilled with the degree of schooling their children received.

Military Shopping
Most military families will make the trip to Ft. Dix to shop at the commissary. Because it is centrally situated and has the largest commissary they'll take a monthly trip.

In general, New Jersey is an excellent place to be stationed. There's never a dull moment and it is affordable. There are a lot of military discounts in the surrounding regions. You're able to experience all of the seasons as well as the winters aren't that brutal, which is fine. The best part is investigating all the old-time oceanfront cities.

New Jersey BAH Rates 2017

New Jersey has 7 military housing areas. Visit the links below to find basic allowance for housing rates in your area.